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What is My Ballet Coach?

My Ballet Coach was founded by our director, Kate Byrne, after ten years as a professional dancer, with the express aim of making ballet more accessible to non-professional dancers. It is Kate's belief that is can be learnt at any age and at any level of fitness, providing the desire and commitment is there. With this in mind, Kate has teamed up with a London NHS hospital to design a course for physically limited dancers. This Reduced Mobility course will be distributed to hospitals, schools and community centres and available here on My Ballet Coach.

Ballet for All Abilities 

My Ballet Coach is a dance system, developed to offer on-demand training in ballet to anyone; from beginners with no prior experience, to professional dancers wanting to train privately. It is an easy-to-follow program, with warm-ups and stretches, work-outs and classes for each level. You will also find 'variations'- solos from ballets offered at three different levels, utilising what you have learnt from the on-demand classes. There is even a ballet glossary where a variety of ballet terms are explained, written and demonstrated, to help de-mystify the language of ballet.

Membership includes access to all these and to new videos, uploaded weekly, so your ballet journey will never get dull!

Live Classes

All the videos are pre-recorded for on-demand viewing. We will be adding live online lessons for those students who feel they would benefit from more real-time tuition or just want to 'touch-base' whilst learning.

Taking Ballet Further

For those who want to persevere further, we plan to offer assessed courses later this year.

About Kate

Kate is a London-based ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher.

She trained in the UK and Francebefore going on to perform all over the world with a number of international companies. Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Kate became intrigued by how universal the 'ballet just for balletomanes and children' seemed to be. Latterly, Kate has worked as a choreographer for a wide variety of projects, in film, music videos, television and for large and intimate live events. Kate began teaching ballet to young children taking formal grades, but has developed to teach ballet to adults, especially dancers who have taken time out and people with limited mobility. It was in doing both that she became committed to devising a system of ballet tuition for every ability, using age and ability-appropriate choreography.

The result of this research is 4 syllabus levels which correlate with the various existing ballet grades most often offered to children and ballet students. This makes the transition easy for those who have previously taken ballet grades and now want to pick up at a similar stage.

What's Happening Next?

News about our new videos, ballet with the NHS and our examination project will all be posted here, online, as soon as it is imminent.

Thank you for taking the time and interest to join us here. We hope you find the system easy to use and that ballet finds a place in your life! If you have any queries, please do no hesitate to get in touch and we will answer whatever we can. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and offers, contact us at or 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU